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Polyglycan Family XL

Over a million doses administered by trusted veterinarians since 2006

  • Polyglycan is administered intra-articularly and intravenously in my pracitce. I administer Polyglycan intra-articularly during and after joint surgery, and the horses are administered Polyglycan weekly for, at least, 4 weeks after surgery

    "Polyglycan (hyaluron, sodium chondroitin, N-acetyl-D-glucosamine) is administered in my practice. I administer Polyglycan during and after joint surgery (arthroscopy or arthrotomy), and the horses are administered Polyglycan weekly for, at least, 4 weeks after surgery, if financially feasible. A large part of my practice is arthroscopic removal of OCD lesions and chip fractures in Thoroughbred yearlings. The vast majority of these joints do not have radiographic or clinical signs of osteoarthritis prior to surgery. I routinely perform post-operative films within 30 days after surgery, and a large number of these horses have radiographs taken for use at auction several months after surgery. I have not observed osteophyte formation after administering Polyglycan in these cases for the past 9 years.

    In my opinion, there is decreased joint morbidity in the cases where Polyglycan is administered after surgery versus the cases that do not receive Polyglycan. I also observe decreased joint morbidity and quicker resolution of effusion in the race horses and yearlings that have clinical and radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis prior to surgery."

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    C.R. Johnson, DVM, MS, DACVS
    Equine Surgical Services, Versailles, KY

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